Raiders looking ahead to 2019 season following last home game

West Wales Raiders chairman Andrew Thorne has said he is looking forward to the 2019 season after a tough start to their life as a League One club. 

The Raiders have been on the bad side of the scoresheets this season but despite this week in and week out the Raiders turn up and give it their all with a team that includes former All Golds captain Steve Parry.

Thorne highlighted via the clubs social media that the Raiders have enjoyed playing against some of the most historic sides in the game and being the new kids on the block has been a learning curve.

“It’s been a tough old season on the pitch this year and as a club we have learned a lot, it’s been great to play some historic clubs and being the new kids on the block it has shown us exactly what standard of players we need if we are to be competitive next year,” said Thorne.

“I think this year our player recruitment was wrong and we signed players that aren’t ready for this level, some with ability some with commitment. That will be rectified next year and hopefully we can kick on from there.”

Rugby league in Wales has been tried and tested many times over the past twenty years with the Celtic Crusaders becoming the first and only Welsh side to compete in Super League and the Raiders are looking to cement their place as a side that can produce top level talent in year’s to come.

“Rugby league is like any sport, people want to view and support a winning team or at least watch a competitive game. Some of the score lines this year have not made for good viewing, and that would have effected our crowds however we have crowds that are the same or even bigger than some longer standing clubs which is encouraging,” added Thorne.

“As for the appetite we are seeing new faces week in week out we just have to keep promoting the team and the sport. As for appetite in West Wales, rugby league has been in East Wales in one form or another for a couple of years and the crowds were on average smaller than ours so currently I think the team just need stability and a competitive team.”

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